Your favourite pasta

Ingredients: A can of instant pasta sauce (just head down to the grocery store and grab your favourite!) A cup and a half of Pasta of your choice An Egg Hot water Chopped onions and garlic A few Tbsp of Olive oil
Directions: 1. Cook the pasta in hot water, just enough to cover them. Add a little olive oil so that it won’t stick together. (Follow instruction on the packet) 2. While waiting for it to cook, add olive oil on a non-sticky pan. Add onions and garlic quickly. Olive oil heat up easily, it’s best not to leave it for a long time. 3. Add the pasta sauce and toss it. Place it aside once it is hot. 4. Now, add the cooked and drained pasta (keep the hot water), and continue folding it. Just to let the flavour of the sauce sip through the pasta. 5. Use the remaining hot water to poach the egg. Let it simmer and create a swirl in the middle of the pot. Break the egg and place it gentle. When the white is cooked, turn off the fire. 6. Place the egg on the pasta and dig in!