Winter’s on the way! Cinnamon Clove Tea

  1. Tea of your choice (I used Moroccan Mint tea), 2 tea bags
  2. 10 Cloves
  3. 1 Big or 2 Slim Cinnamon Sticks
  4. 50g Brown Sugar
I made a litre of tea with these ingredients 
I'm not much of a coffee/tea drinker. 
I normally only drink water. Yet, when I'm in Europe and it is getting cold, I yarn for warm, soul quenching dark liquid. 
So, this is perfect for afternoon tea on a cold day. Enjoy.
First place all ingredients except Sugar in a large tea pot, and pour in freshly boiled water in. Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on your preference. I like dark tea for this so I do about 4 minutes.
I used Moroccan Mint tea but you could use Earl Grey or Assam, maybe even Orange Pekoe will be quite nice.
Next, stir in sugar. Adjust the amount to your liking. 
Take out the tea bags, and you can enjoy the remaining throughout the day. It will slowly change its taste as more aroma come out from cinnamon and cloves.
I particularly like to see the cinnamon expand and show its barky texture.