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Wine Subscription Boxes: Personalized Blends and Discounts

Subscription boxes are gaining popularity, and there is options for many interests. Monthly wine clubs are a popular option. Who doesn't want a new bottle of wine delivered to their house every month? If you are in retirement, this is a great way to spend time with your family and friends too: by sharing wine. In this article, we will take a look at wine subscription boxes: how they work, what options there are and what to expect when you sign up.

How Does a Wine Club Work?

Get hand-curated bottles of vino sent directly to your home or work (or a gift recipient!) on a monthly or quarterly basis. Sometimes the wines will be sent based on a theme (reds or whites, cooking wines or dessert wines) or from certain countries (the U.S., Chile, France or Australia). There are as many varieties of wine clubs as there are wines! For newlyweds, a wine subscription makes for a great wedding gift that gives all year long!

What You Get When You Join a Wine Club

Joining a wine club is a great idea if you want to expand your knowledge of wine or the regions it comes from — especially if you are new to studying wine. But what do these wine subscription boxes entail? Every delivery comes with a bottle or two of vino that is either pre-selected for you or based on your choice. Most wine deliveries will include a brief history of where it came from or how it was produced, and they let you know how to open, store and serve it. There are even some recipe ideas for what to serve it with or how to cook with it. Wine subscription boxes give you an opportunity to sample wines you might never have the opportunity to try, especially if you live in a remote area and cannot pick up bottles locally.

Members Get Access to New Blends and Discounts

Be on the forefront of what is new from wineries and discover which are your favorites. Discounts are often given to loyal customers, especially when you order additional wines after your monthly box has been used up. Strolling the wine aisle at the specialty store is always fun, but wine subscription boxes are guaranteed to send you exactly what you like based on your preferences.

Personalized Wine Recommendations

Wine clubs can also recommend vintages based on your previous spending history. Wine subscription boxes can also be rerouted to wherever you are, perhaps on vacation or gifted to another recipient! Why not have a monthly gathering with friends and try some new wines? Create a stunning charcuterie board platter with wines, cheeses, bread, grapes and sliced fruits, like apples, pears or mangoes. Now you can always be prepared for a party with a little wine collection of your own at home.

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Wine Clubs Offer Flexibility

There is no need to commit to purchasing a wine box every month. Perhaps you haven’t finished the previous month’s box. Most wine clubs will let you pick the number of bottles and the frequency of delivery. It’s easy to customize your wine subscription package! Find a club that lets you coordinate either online or with a simple phone call how much and how often you want your wine delivered.

Subscription Wine Clubs Save Time

There is no need to drive to a specialty store or hit the local big-box store. Now, you can order from the comfort of your cell phone or laptop any time of the day or night! How much fun is it to come home to a brand new box of hand-picked wines, just for you? It’s like Christmas all year long! Plus, when you have company, there is always a new and interesting wine to offer your guests. Need a last-minute housewarming gift? Grab a bottle and go!

Become an Expert in Wineries and Their Varietals

Wine subscription boxes help you learn about the history of wine from all over the world. Most people have a general knowledge of French wines and maybe even wines from the Napa region in northern California, but other regions like various countries in South America, Germany and even Mexico are starting to gain traction in the wine world. Different climates and grape varietals produce hundreds of different kinds of wine, and now you can impress your friends, family and guests with your vast knowledge of wine and where it comes from!

What to Look for When Choosing a Wine Subscription Box

This is a good time to actually read the reviews. Look for length of time in business, how many countries the company has wine access to, what kind of scheduling options they have (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly), delivery options and how much flexibility you have with choices, substitutions and price points. Also, the small booklets of information about the winery and recipe cards are fun to keep for future reference.

A Fun, Low-Cost Adventure!

Learning about wine can be a fun adventure done from the privacy of your own home! In a year or two, you can try wines from all over the world, share some, give some and become a self-described oenophile (wine connoisseur)!