wicked wicked spuds


15-20 chat potatoes - skin on

sml strip of pork skin

salt n pepper



These are wicked, wicked spuds cooked on a tray with crackle.  Sinful but not regrettful as these have been the best roast spuds i've made by far - crispy on the outer and velvet soft inside.  If your watching your waistline don't even attempt it, but if you're like me and love your spuds, go for your life.  Bonus feature! you get to eat crackle too!  


Preheat oven to 180 degrees

Clean spuds, quarter them and then parboil them in a pot. Drain potatoes and lay on a baking tray and lightly season with olive oil, salt and pepper. Also put the strip of crackle.

Bung in the oven, and cook until golden brown. Be wary that the crackle may be ready before the potatoes, so take it out when it is done and leave the potatoes to cook until it's reached the colour.

Serve with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce or on it's own or as a side.