West Indian Codfish Acra

Bonless Salted codfish (bacalao)
Cayenne pepper

Boil codfish in plain water to remove some of the salt. After boilng for about 10 min. replace water and return to a boil.You may have to repeat this process once or twice.

Once the codfish has be boiled, allow to cool then shred into small pieces by hand.

**There are no real measurements given because how much of each ingredient you use depends on how many you will be making and also on your taste.

In a bowl add a about a handful of codfish. Add in enough water and flour to the codfish to create a thick (not to thick but not watery) paste. To this mixture add in the cayenne pepper and thinly diced onion ( to taste). Mix thoroughly.

Heat oil in a small frying pan.

Using a spoon (regular dinner size spoon),scoop up a portion of the mixture and carefully place into the oil.
Repeat until mixture is gone.

Cook on low heat so that the acra doesn't burn. Flip, once underside has reached a golden brown color.

Once both sides have browned, remove from oil and drain unto a paper towel.