Wantan dumpling

- 1 bundle spring onion - 1 packet of wantan skin - 500gm minced pork - 200gm shrimp - 50gm turnip - 2 spoons sesame oil - 3 spoons corn flour - 1 spoon soy sauce - 2 cubes chicken essense stock cubes - salt & pepper to taste
1. fine chopped the shrimp meat, turnip, add on minced pork. (optional add on chopped spring onion) 2. add on sesame oil, corn flour, soy sauce, salt & pepper. stir all together with minced meat mixture. 3. Wrap the meat with wantan skin 4. Boil the water, put the wantan dumppling. Till the wantan dumpling cooked, set aside 5. Boil water with chicken essense stock cubes, add the wantan dumpling into the soup, sprinkle some chopped spring onion.