Veggie Soup 2

- 1 big cucumber, skinless, seedless, cut into cube - 1 king oyster mushroom, sliced - imitated crab meat - fish ball - HON-DASHI, salt and white pepper powder - sesame oil, fried shallot (optional)
Image cucumber can be an ingredient of soup? (maybe Asian people cook this so often :D) Today i try to mix some different ingredients to make veggie soup, so it is! Here is another version about veggie soup, hope you like it. 1. In a pot with boiling water, add fish ball and crab meat first, cook about 3 minutes, add cucumber and mushroom into the pot, let it boil again, then turn down to medium heat. 2. All ingredients cook about 10 minutes, add seasoning to taste. Before serve, add sesame oil and fried shallot, then serve.