Unilateral salmon

  1. piece of salmon (with skin is better)
  2. sesame oil
  3. sake
  4. salt (i use fleur de sel)
  5. garlic (just one piece, not the whole thing)
  6. some brocoli
  7. rice (but works with pasta too)
If you like grilled salmon and sashimi, here's the best of both world, the unilateral salmon. This is a half-raw salmon that is grilled on one side, and juicy on the other.

Here's how it goes. Bare in mind that i dont really go with measurements, i simply add depending what i like (for instance i love garlic, so i put a bit more).

- have the rice cooking (wash it etc, you know the drill)
- chop the garlic- while the rice cooks, prepare in a small bowl, 2-3 spoons of sesame oil, pinch of salt, 2-3 shots of sake and the garlic.
- place the salmon in the bowl and have it marinated for a few minutes until the rice is ready.
- when the rice is cooked, place the washed brocolis on top of the rice and place the cover back. You may add some garlic with the brocoli but it's optional.
- Have a pan hot hot hot ready and cook the salmon with the sauce for no more than 3-4 minute on ONE side (skin side if there's skin). - hint - the sauce should be gone when it's ready and the top of the salmon (naked part) should be pink.
- When it's cooked, put it on a plate and season it with some salt and black pepper if you wish.