Unagi Roll

  • 3 slices of unagi / ell
  • cucumber, cut like a stick
  • 1 stick imitation crab meat, cut half long
  • 1 pc nori / sea weed paper
  • slices avocado
  • sushi rice
  • rice vinegar
  • sesame seed
  • masago/ fish eggs
  • unagi sauce
  • mix sushi rice with rice vinegar
  • put nori on top of sushi mat
  • press sushi rice on top nori
  • sprinkle sesame seed and masago, make sure all even on top of sushi rice
  • turn over nori to the other side, put cucumber,avocado, crab meat and unagi
  • roll it till close to the end of nori
  • cut it into 8 pcs
  • eat with unagi sauce