Turkey Surprise

- Whole Turkey - Lemon (2) - Leeks - Baby Carrots - Boiler Onions - Celery - Salt - Pepper - Basil - Rosemary
Turkey Surprise? This recipe / method is a quick one. It usually results in slightly varying tastes depending on how you portion out the various ingredients. Makes for a great alternative to traditional turkey and stuffing. 1. Thaw your Turkey if it isn't already 2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees 3. Clean / cut all your ingredients 4. Cut one lemon into slices and the other lemon in half. 5. We'll only be using the stalks of the leeks so you can cut off the bulbs 6. Cut the leeks & celery into a size approximate to the baby carrots 7. Leave boiler onions as is 8. Pat salt, pepper, basil and rosemary into the skin of the turkey 9. Line roasting pan with a bed of leek leaves 10. Stuff the carcass with leeks, baby carrots, boiler onions, celery, and half a lemon. 11. Layer lemon slices on the exterior of the turkey 12. Leave lid of the roasting pan off, and place pan on the lowest rack in the oven. 13. Adjust temperature to 400 degrees after 30 minutes. Depending on the size of your turkey it will vary in time so keep a sharp eye on it. My approx 20lb turkey took arround 2.5 - 3 hours. With all the vegetables, this results in a very juicy turkey. Be careful of the hot juices or when biting into it. Pair with a nice Shiraz.