Turkey Stew with Japanese Curry Flavour

For 4 portions

Turkey Stew 300gr.
2 big potatoes
1 leek
garam masala powder
2 pieces of japanese S&B golden HOT curry roux
2 tablespoon seeds oil
4/5 cups of water

I love Japanese Curry!
since i 've discovered this amazing product i've started to  looking for more  recipes with curry flavour!!

my friends have found this dish Tasty ^^

Oil a large pan and add seeds oil.
Heat few minutes and add leek finely minced
let it bown lightly.

Add Turkey and potatoes ( pre-boiled into 200 ml. of water for about 30 minutes)
simmer with medium heat , stir well with a wooden spoon and add slowly the cups of water .
wait until water bring to a boil and start to dry.
when meat become tender add another cup of water and add the curry roux stir well and add water if you need.

add garam masala powder and stir again.

Serve warm ^^