Turkey-burg Steak

- 1/2 lb of ground turkey - 1 finely diced carrot - 1 finely diced small onion - 1 diced and patted dry small tomato - salt - pepper - granulated garlic - 1 slice of crumbled bread - 2 tablespoons of mayonaise - 1/3 cup of flour
My mom usually used egg and ground beef growing up. I've found that if you use mayonaise which has eggs and oil in it, that it's less gross to touch the ingredients and you don't need oil in the pan. Turkey needs a little more fat in it to stay moist etc. also. They carmelize really well in the pan. 1. heat large skillet on medium heat and cover. 2. mix all ingredients with hands in bowl 3. form small patties 4. pat flour lightly on each side of patties 5. place patties in pan spread apart. 6. flip in 5 minutes. 7. lower heat to med-low setting. 8. serve in 15 minutes.