Tuna ‘n egg salad, with quinoa and avocado

- 2 cans of tuna in oil - 2 dl white quinoa - 1 or 2 green spring onions - mayo, thick and creamy, none of da diet crap - 1 garlic clove - salt'n'pepper - 4 red tomatoes - 1 carrot - 2 to 3 limes - 1 hot chili - thai fish sauce - vinegar - sugar - 3 avocados - 3 eggs, soft boiled - 1/2 can of chickpeas
This is actually a quite heavy meal. But still very fresh with the lime and chili. Add more or less mayo depending on your conscience. I like quinoa since my trip to Machu Picchu. It's also considered by the UN as a "super crop" due to it's high protein and vitamin content. 1) Cook the quinoa according to instructions (~15 min), don't forget to rinse the quinoa before cooking. You might as well cook the eggs too. 2) Dice the tomatoes into large chunks. Mix them roughly with your hands to remove the seeds, leaving the red "meat". Marinate (10-15 min) in lime juice, vinegar, hacked chili, sugar and fish sauce. Add shredded carrot into the marinade too. Lime juice will "cook" the tomatoes, making them firm. 3) Mix tuna, thinly hacked spring onions, crushed garlic, mayo and salt'n'pepper according to taste. Add in the quinoa and the chickpeas. Why don't you mix some nice hommus using the rest of the remaining chickpeas? 4) Shell the soft boiled eggs, quarter them. Cut the avocados into large chunks (I like to sprinkle some sea salt and lime juice on the avocado to bring out the flavour). 5) Pour the tuna/quinoa mix in a serving plate. Add tomatoes/carrots, eggs and avocado in a nice decoration on top. 6) Serve with chilled white wine. A nice sweet one from Chile is reccomended.