Tripple Taste Breakfast Crostini

Few pieces of Italian bread (ciabbata; darker variety works best). You'll need 6 small pieces per person, so it means 3 cuts of bread per person. Easy :)
Dijon mustard (or any similar mustard sauce with whole grains)
Hard cheese
Smoked dry ham or some other lean cut of meat
Oregano, chili powder or other herbal spices
Preheat oven to 200 C.
Slice the bread into 1.5 cm (0.5 in) or thicker slices. Cut these in half so you now have twice as much smaller slices.
Spread a little butter over each slice.
Spread some mustard on top of butter (no more than 0.5 tsp per slice works well for me). Put more mustard if you want more kick!

Now arrange the toppings: 2 slices of bread must be covered with slice of ham each, next 2 - with slice of zuchini, ant the last 2 must be left empty. This way you'll get 3 different tastes.

Put cheese on top of each sandwich.
Now sprinkle oregano on all the pieces, add chili powder on cheese-only ones.
Cook on a piece of baking paper for around 10 min. or until cheese has nicely melted.

Enjoy experimenting with bread or cheese varieties, add other toppings and seasonings.