Traditional homemade pho

Part 1-Soup/Broth

1          Pot of water (10L)

1kg      Beef bones/Chicken bones

200gr   White Raddish

200gr   Fresh Ginger

Part 2-MEAT

1/2kg   Gravy Beef/Chicken pieces/ slices/ wings/ drumsticks


60gr     Salt

60gr     Rock sugar

10gr     Star Annaise

2 stick  Cinnamon

250gr   Brown Onion


Get either Pho rice flat noodles or Kway Teow, if unavailable


1         Bunch of Vietnamese basil

250gr  Fresh Bean sprouts

1          Lemon (sliced)

2          Bird Eyes Chilli (sliced)


Pho is a heartwarming meat-based Vietnamese soup. I discovered it when a good friend introduced it to me in Springvale after I moved to Melbourne. I was so overwhelmed I got a Vietnamese acquaintance to share me a sure-kill recipe. Both Chris and me are Pho addicts!

The recipe can be applied only to Beef or Chicken, following the Vietnamese traditions. The Soup/broth is cooked in 3 parts where ingredients are removed at every stage. Allowing slow cooking and introducing of different flavours. So its a lot of patience.

PART 1- Boil on medium heat for 1-2hrs and removed of all ingredients except Broth

PART2- add this afterwards and removed the beef/ chicken after 10 minutes, to be put aside( normally 3/4 cooked)

PART 3- When soup is clear, removed of all ingredients except Broth add Part 3 in and boil for another 2 hours

Best is to boil for 6hours.

NOODLES- Soften noodles in boiled water for 5 minutes and then microwave the noodles in the soup with meat for 3minutes.

When served, put the garnish onto the hot boiling soup and it will half-cooked them and the flavour will spread through the soup beautifully.

Some people prefer not having lemon juice in their pho.  I love mine sour like tomyam and lotsa bird eye chilli. I've yet to learn the Vietnamese Sambal which I like in my Pho too. So it looks kinda tomyam-ish in the end but taste so overwhelmingly delicate to your senses.

PS: you can add Vietnamese 'sambal' called SATE sauce into the soup for KICK!

:) Enjoy!