Tong’s Home Bolognese



extra virgin olive oil

premium minced beef

onion garlic bay leaf dried sweet basil

tomato puree

tomato paste

tomato sauce (that's right the same stuff you put over meat pies)

salt pepper


good quality red wine


I don't know why I like to colour the olive oil but I do.
First, slowly fry up some of the tomato paste (a tablespoon's worth) in the olive oil. This will give the oil an orange tinge, and the dish a feel of richness once it's done.

I tend to do this with most of my tomato-based pasta sauces and to be honest it's become quite a habit. For better or worse? Try it for yourself and let me know.

Next, add in the mince and cook until brown. Throw in the chopped onion and diced garlic. Add pepper/salt. Throw in a few bay leaves at this point. Pour in a cup of the red wine, keep a little for yourself while you wait for the mixture to reduce. Just before it reduces to a purply/brown thick sauce, add in a whole jar of tomato puree. Wait for it to reduce. Add in the rest of the tomato paste. Some sugar, pepper and salt to taste.

Keep reducing.

Now, add a little tomato sauce into the final mix. I think this step adds a little tangy-ness to the flavour which is different and delightful. My mum used to do this to her spaghetti and I couldn't get enough of it! Thanks mum :)

Cook your spaghetti in boiling salted water, throw into the pasta sauce pot/pan straight away.

Put the lid on the pan for about 15mins off the heat, and wait for the sauce to absorb into the pasta. This step is critical as it will allow the dish to become slightly dry (which is how I like bolognese). I guess for those who like to have a saucy meal, just serve and eat straight away. Don't reduce so much.

Anyway, that's my version of spag bol. Try it out.

I love it. F'shizzle.