Tom Yam Koong (prawn soup)

  • coconut milk, 2 cans

  • lemongrass, cut roughly
  • lime leaves, cut roughly
  • galanca, cut in slices
  • ca. 7 onions (shallots) whole, but crushed

  • thai chili paste

  • Bouillon cubes (chicken)

  • a fey tomatos (cherry) whole
  • button mushrooms (half)
  • brown sugar

  • king prawns (catty), peel it
  • chili (about 4 or more if you like it very hot)

  • pak chi falang, cut coarsely
  • coriander, cut coarsely

  • lime juice

Yap.. I'm back in Switzerland! The time in Hong Kong was amazing and an inspiration in sooo many ways! We bought all the ingredients on the markets and so they were as fresh as possible. So.. my friend in Hong Kong learned to cook this soup in a thailand cookclass. There are not any exactly measures... just take as much as you want of every ingredient. Add them always in the groups... some of it need more time to cook... so.. start and believe me.. it's the BEST soup I've ever had! If you don't like Seafood.. leave the king prawns out!

  1. Heating up 1 1/2 cans of coconut milk.
  2. Pour lemongrass, Galanca, onions, lime leaves
  3. Add 2 tbl. Chili paste
  4. Let it boil and add ca 1 glass of water, or more if you like a lighter soup
  5. Add 2 cubes of bouillon.
  6. Add whole cherry tomato, let boil for ca 10min.
  7. add mushrooms and brown sugar (1 Tsp.)
  8. Add chili (cut coarsely) and prawns.
  9. Add Coriander and pack falang.
  10. Add a little lime juice.