The Southwest Portobello Open Face!

- 1 large Portobello Mushroom - ~1-inch thick slice of Rosemary Olive-Oil Sourdough Round Loaf (I STRONGLY recommend the rosemary sourdough loaf produced by Whole Foods) - Olive Oil - 1 TSP Chipotle Pepper Powder - 1 TSP Salt - 0.5-1 TSP Garlic Powder - 1 TSP Crushed Red Pepper
First off let me say - not to have an ego - I take full 100% credit for inventing this dish. I'm '''very''' proud of it. Wicked simple. WICKED delicious. One of my ex-girlfriends described this dish as having aphrodisiac-like properties (her words, not mine :P) Anyways, this is a GREAT dish to serve on dates and is very versatile - making for a great appetizer (one Portobello for two people) or entre (one for one). Not only that, it's fast, easy, vegetarian-friendly, and one that I think the general omnivore (like me) can greatly enjoy as well.'''ONTO THE EDIBLE ENLIGHTENMENT!''' Disclaimer: Once again, I'm wordy, but this dish can definitely be prepared in under 20 minutes. ALSO NOTE: Seriously pay close attention to what you're doing here. The ingredients are VERY particular (eg: standard sourdough works, but the rosemary olive oil makes it 1000x better) as well as the cooking method (burning the toast will ruin the dish). 1. In a small cup, mix all the spices (if you think certain elements are too overpowering, you can make your own adaption) 2. Cover a standard-size dinner plate with olive oil and sprinkle your spice mix over this 3. 'lightly' wash and dry your Portobello. Carefully rip the stem off. 4. Rub both sides of the mushroom over your olive-oil spice mix. 5. Cut two .75-1 inch (thick) slices of your Rosemary Sourdough loaf (try to get slice areas ~= to the size of half your Portobello). 6. Pour some olive oil in ~8-10in skillet, put it on close to high. Immediately after doing this, toss your bread into a toaster/toaster oven. 7. This part's tricky, toss the Portobello in the heated skillet - cook both sides. WHILE you're doing this watch your bread - you want your bread to get a golden/darkened hue / crispy around the EDGES - this will allow the middle of your bread to retain a nice softness and not be too crunch and dry. This will also allow the bread to absorb the oil/spices dripping from the Portobello. While you're watching, you only need to pay minor detail the mushroom, as it's tough to overcook it in under 5 minutes. 8. The Portobello should only need a minute or two on each side. So take it, or the toast out - whichever is done first. I like to multi-task this process to ensure you serve a nice warm mushroom on nice warm bread! (If you can't handle the multi-tasking, do the bread first) 9. Take off the Portobello, slice in half, serve on the toast. 10. ??? 11. PROFIT (or win the hearts of your enemies or the love of your date)