The really rather good oven pasta

- fresh pasta (at least enough to cover the bottom of your pan), in pretty much any shape or form - 1 medium onion - about 350 g minced meat ($variable): you can use any sort of meat here as long as it's finely chopped, or for a vegetarian option you could use soy/tofu, eggplant or zucchini instead - as much mushrooms (fresh or tinned) as you like ($variable): button mushrooms, portabello, shiitake, pretty much any type will do. These can be left out, but the dish is much better with them. - approx. 2 dl tomato purée/sauce/crushed/what have you - 1-2 dl sundried tomatoes - lots of fresh mozzarella ($variable): any melty cheese will do, and it can ge grated or sliced - spices to taste ($variable): fresh or dried basil, black pepper, garlic, herbs and did I already mention basil, if I didn't: Basil! - a big pinch of salt
Heat oven to 200°c 1. Chop onion (have a good cry), sundried tomatoes and mushrooms 2. Fry onion, meat and mushrooms (you can use the oil that the sundried tomatoes come in, or use olive oil instead) 3. Add the sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and the tomato sauce and stir everything together - the resulting sauce should be pretty liquid, since it's what's going to "boil" the pasta 4. Add spices 5. Spread pasta on to the bottom of an oven-proof dish, drizzle some oil on top 6. Spread sauce over pasta, cover everything with cheese 7. Put into oven for about 15-20 minutes/until cheese is golden brown & pasta is soft Eat & enjoy!