Thai Herb Salad

**Salad** - beansprouts - lettuce - cucumber - cooked shrimp - coriander - mint - basil - cashew nuts - sesame seeds **Dressing** (not pictured) - thai sweet chilli sauce - lime juice - sesame oil - pinch of salt
The picture shows the salad undressed as this was made for a picnic and I took the pic at home. Always bring your dressing separately and dress the salad at the last possible moment! **Salad** 1. Shred the lettuce, roughly chop all the herbs, slice the cucumber and smash the cashew nuts into little bits. 2. Combine everything in a big mixing bowl. Mix well. Scatter sesame seeds on top. **Dressing** 1. Whisk together a glug of chilli sauce, the juice of one lime (put the lime halves in with the salad after, for garnish), a dash of sesame oil and a little bit of salt. Adjust the levels to your liking. 2. Store dressing in a container until you are ready to serve the salad.