thai chicken peanut satay

- a bit of ginger - 3 garlic cloves - 1 table spoon of red curry paste - 1 table spoon of fish sauce - 1 can coconut milk - 3 table spoons of peanut butter - 1 table spoon of brown sugar - some string beans - a bunch of spring onions - a couple of chicken breasts - peanut oil (if not then olive)
1. start with chopping the chicken breast into slices, throw into a bowl, 2. grate ginger and add the mushy ginger and ginger juice to the bowl of chicken 3. chop/dice garlic finely and add to the bowl of chicken and ginger 4. add the curry paste to the bowl and mix the mixture through (i usually just use my hands).. then leave to marinate as long as possible. 5. cut spring onions, i cut in about 2cm increments 6. heat oil in wok on low heat, throw in the spring onions and stir for about a minute, then remove and put aside. 7. mix up the coconut milk, peanut butter, brown sugar, and fish sauce.. i like to use a blender, sometimes I use a tupperware container and shake.. but what ever works. 8. brown marinated chicken in wok on low heat, and add more peanut oil if needed. 9. add coconut milk mix 10. throw on the string beans and let cook till soft, try not to let the mixture boil 11. you're pretty much done now, hopefully you started cooking the rice about 20 minutes ago. 12. throw it all on a plate, and garnish with the spring onions. 13. mmmm goood