Tepung Pelita

1 cup rice flour 1 cup sugar 5 cup water 4 cup coconut milk 4 tbs rice flour 4 pandan leaves or substitute with drops of food colouring. A bit of salt Cherries for topping (Optional) Cupcake tray or glass bowl
1) Blend pandan leave with 4 tbs of plain water to get the juice. 2) Blend flour, water, sugar and pandan’s juice until smooth. 3) Pour into cupcake’s tray and steam until cook. Once cooked then put aside. 4) Heat pan and cook coconut milk, salt and 4 tbs of rice flour. Stir well until thick for 2 minutes. 5) Once ready, pour the coconut milk onto the tray. 6) Keep it in the fridge and ready to serve.