Sweet Potato Mix

- Sweet Potato - Fillet of Fish (No bones) - Knob of butter - Milk (Baby or full fat) - One Oranage, freshly squeezed.
This is one of my favourite dishes. It's useful for me as I only have 1 tooth so still need mushed up food but also like something to chew on. It's quick and easy to prepare for parent's on the go! 1. Pre-heat oven to 200c, peel a large or 2 medium sized sweet potatoes, wash and fork them. 2. Place in oven for 60 mins. 3. Wash fish and check for any bones. 4. Place knob of butter in pan, add fish and milk. Cover and cook until fish is done. 5. Put orange juice in baby bowl, add fish only and flake with a fork. 6. Open sweet potato, put the insides in the bowl also, mash with spoon to mix. 7. Serve. (Yum)