Surprise Party

Chicken AvocadoPotatoBaconEdameTomatoSaltGarlic powder milkEggsbutterbread crumbsoregeno
First, you would cut your potatos and boil them just like you would for mashed potatos. Get that going make sure you cut potato into medium size pieces so that they wont be so little, you want them to be a little chunky. Cook for about 15 minutesNext, Take a your chicken I prefer chicken breast this way you can controll how big you want your pieces. Season your chicken with salt, Garlic powder and Oregeno beat two eggs in a sm bowl  and mix chicken in when ready. Slowly add your breadcrumbs until evenly coated. Preheat your pan at a Med/Low heat and in goes the chicken. Make sure that you dont over crowd the pan, few pieces at a time. Cook Until golden brown about 15 per side.Finally, Take your bacon and cut into sm pieces with your sheers, Cook the bacon until you get a nice golden color with a tiny crunch. Add you edame into the cooking bacon, This gives your edame a nice flavor and cooks it as well. Mash your potato when done not so much so that you can leave chunky pieces add your butter and milk no salt the bacon will do that part. Add in your bacon and edame and your potatos are ready! Cut up your Avocado some tomato get your favorite sauce and impress...