Sundried Chicken

- sundried tomatoes - chicken thigh fillets - onions - olive oil - garlic - dried chilli flakes
This is a dish which can go with pasta, cous cous or my personal favourite crusty soft warm bread from the oven! Apparently this goes well with white wine and some cheese. The day before (or week before depends on how diligent you are) you have to make the oil for this to be cooked in 1. Add sundried tomatoes, olive oil, including the olive oil the sundried tomatoes are preserved in, LOTS of chilli flakes and 2-3 cloves of smashed up garlic. 2. Leave in jar overnight but don't put it in the fridge. Now for the main dish 1. Slice up onions and chicken thigh fillets. 2. Heat up the pan and dribble some of the oil you 'made' into the pan and brown some onions. 3. Remove sundried tomatoes from oil and chuck them into the frying pan then throw in the chicken. 4. Add in more of the oil and add some diced garlic into the whole thing, maybe 5 cloves (yes a tad much but trust me SO GOOOD with the bread). 5. After its all cooked, serve with warm crusty bread! You can keep the oil for cooking next time but I suggest you top up the sundried tomatoes.