Summer Omelet

- Two or three eggs - Green/red peppers - Shallots - Cheese (anything you like) - Bacon bits (yeah, i only have the bagged version for this, sorry. you can always make fresh bacon bits...) - Half and half (creamer) - Salt and pepper
I call this Summer Omelet because my peppers only grow in the summer in the Northeast US, but you can buy one from the store anytime. 1. Chop peppers and shallots finely. 2. Heat butter on medium heat in NONSTICK pan. An Omelet pan is perfect! ;-P 3. Whip the heck out of the eggs in a bowl with some half-and-half and a little salt and pepper. 4. Once butter has melted, add the eggs, quickly add the shallots, peppers, bacon bits, and cheese. 5. Give it a couple minutes, then start to turn up edges of egg, then loose to the point that you can shake the whole pan and the egg slides around. Egg will just start to bubble. 6. Add a little more salt and pepper, then roll up, fold up the mixture, whatever works. Flip it over. You want to cook it until it JUST starts to brown on both sides. The outside will be slightly hard, the inside nice and juicy and creamy. 7. Throw it on a plate, add a dash of salt and pepper, and serve with some coffee, bacon, or whatever else you like to have on a weekend summer morning!