Sumak Barramundi & Butter Prawns

(One serving) -1 fillet barramundi -10 medium prawns -1 cup salad mix ( rocket, baby spinach, red lettuce etc) -1/4 lemon -small sprig of parsley ( continental or basic) -1 cup pre-cooked steamed Basmati rice ( any long grained rice would suit) -1 Swiss Brown Mushroom ( or Shitake) -1/2 teaspoon of Sumak ( or make up from cayenne, paprika, tumeric, cummin and lemon juice) -salad sprinkle of pine nuts, almond flakes, sunflower seeds and crushed walnuts with a few raisins or diced apricots) -virgin olive oil -rock salt and peppercorns -30grams unsalted butter -Lovegrove Unwooded Chardonnay ( or a Chardonnay that has been made without oak and malolactic fermentation( you need the flavours of pineapple,lime, grapefruit and crunchy green apple and a lingering sherbert finish to fully appreciate the superb plavours of this dish)
1.Melt butter in a 20cm pan ( with a vented glass lid) 2.on a slow heat in oven or micro, warm covered cooked rice for 2 - 3 minutes 3.sprinkle fillet of barramundi and prawns with sumak salt and pepper. fillet in pan and cover for 2 mins reduce heat to minimum. 5.have a slurp of the chardonnay ( very important),then wash and shake salad then, 6.plate salad and sprinkle with lemon juice, olive oil and salad sprinkle. 7.turn fillet and add prawns around the edge, cover and simmer for three minutes, 8.have a slurp of Chardonnay and then dice the mushroom and add to rice, 9.add tumeric to rice and toss lightly ,(let warmth of rice soften the mushroom) 10.dice parsley, add half to rice and keep other half 11.turn prawns to baste in butter(add remaining parsley over barramundi and a splash of lemon juice.cover low simmer 1 minute 12.plate rice/mushroom parsley mix beside salad, 13.plate barramundi on rice bed 14.plate prawns around barramundi and over salad 15. pour remaining warm butter over barramundi, prawns and salad 16.garnish with lemon 1/4 SERVE & ENJOY