stuffed avocado with prawns

- 4 avocados, - 24 prawns (I buy them cooked and frozen at my fishmonger), - 1 orange, - 1 lemon, - 1 green onion, - fried tomatoe sauce, - mayonnaise, - tabasco, - cognac and - salt.
1.- Cut avocados in half, get their meat in a bowl and flatten with a fork, drop some lemon on top to avoid avocados oxidize, add some salt. 2.- In another bowl mix the onion cut in small pieces (only white part) and the prawns also cut in small pieces (reserve 12 to decorate the dish). 3.- Prepare a pink sauce with the following ingredients and add to the onion and prawns: Whip 2 mayonnaise table spoons and the juice of one orange, then add one tea spoon of fried tomatoe sauce, a spurt of cognac and a few drops of tabasco. Add to the onion and prawns and stir. 4.- Join this second bowl ingredients to the first one with the avocado. Place the mixture in the fridge and wait to fill the peels with it until it's cold.