Stir fried beef noodles

- Thick rice noodles - Beef slices - Onions - Green onions - Salt - Soy Sauce (any kind ie. mushroom, light, etc..) - Sesame oil - Rice wine
One of my favorite dishes to cook, I consider this a normal food, since there's nothing that special about it. However, it tastes great. 1. Depending on which kind of thick rice noodles you buy separate the noodles. Then marinate the beef with some rice wine, salt, soy sauce, and green onion rings. 2. Cut up some onions and stir fry them with the prepared beef. After it is about 90% cooked take it out. 3. Cook the noodle with sesame me oil and soy sauce, then throw in the beef. 4. Toss in some green onions, onions and stir fry the batch until everything get cooked. Enjoy.