Stewed Vegetables with sesame flavour

1 large green bell pepper
1 big potato
1 carrot
4 cherry tomatoes
1 leek
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
3 tablespoon of soy sauce

black sesame seeds
salt and black pepper

cooking oil

mmmmm i like sesame oil so much, makes every dishes so good and add a particular flavour!
i'm sorry for the orrible picture .. i had just my phone..

Oil a pre-heated wok or large pan.

Add leek finely mincedand let it heat few minutes.

Add vegetables cutted into slices.
Add salt and black pepper.

Simmer with medium heat 10 minutes, add sesame oil and stir well. Cover with paper over.

Simmer for about 15 minutes or more, stir and add the soy sauce, with low heat simmer few minutes.

Garnish with black sesame seeds.