Steamed chicken with mushrooms and ginger

-1lb chicken ( I use ~1/2lb thigh, cut into bite-size + 6 mid-joint chicken wings) -6-8 fresh shitkae mushrooms, wipe with damp cloth, stalks removed, caps julienned -2 pieces ginger, cut into fine shreds -3 stalk scallions/spring onions, jullienned on the bias into strips -1tsp crushed ginger Marinade: 2 tbsp oyster sauce 1tsp cornflour 1-2tsp sesame oil
1.Marinate chicken for 30 mins 2.Sprinkle mushrooms, ginger, scallions on bottom of plate (1st layer). Place on medium plate large enough to go into steamer. Start letting those "pizza creation"ideas fill you...plate like how you would prepare and top a pizza...(just that no cheese, no tomatoes, no olives - they are replaced by mushrooms, scallions and ginger) 3.Place chicken on top of 1st layer 4.Sprinkle remaining mushrooms, ginger, scallions on top of chicken (Does it look like a pizza?) 5.Boil water in steamer. When water is at a boil, add chicken and steam of 20-25mins 6. When done, serve hot with steamed rice - smell so good that I had to scoop that portion out to eat with rice quick! (Note:Any oil globules you see here is just the oil/fats from the chicken & that of sesame oil)