Sriracha Pita Pizza

  • Pita (White or Wheat)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • White American Cheese (or Pepper Jack for extra spice)
  • Cooked Shrimp (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Fresh Jalapeno Slices
  • Small Onion
  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Pita pizza is one of my favorite ways to use day or two old pita.  This recipe packs a lot of spice and is a perfect individual-sized meal.  While you can surely add your own toppings (mushrooms, broccoli, and meats work well), I enjoy this combination. 

1.  Spoon tomato sauce onto pita.  Be careful not to use too much or the water could soak through your crust.

2.  Drizzle Sriracha Chili Sauce into the tomato sauce.  It packs a strong flavor, so be careful if you've never used it before.  I recommend 'dotting' the pizza throughout.

3.  Put cheese on top.  Toppings like onions and mushrooms may go underneath the cheese, but I prefer them on top to get that extra crisp. 

4.  Add the rest of your toppings.  Slice everything thin since the pizza will cook faster than a thick piece of onion. 

5.  Place the pizza directly on the oven rack (for crispness) at 375 for twenty minutes. 

6.  Remove from oven, slice, and enjoy!  A quick, great way to use fresh ingredients on delicious pita!