Spring onion and ginger Crabs

- 2 crabs - corn flour - spring onions - sliced ginger - soy sauce - sesame oil - rice wine - cooking oil
Crabs from the sea are good for you. 1. Remove the triangle from the underside of the crab and wash the crabs. 2. Remove top shell and cut the crab into 4 pieces each. 3. Coat the crab with corn flour. 4. Heat up a wok and add in quite alot of oil about 1/4 cup of oil. 5. Put the cornflour coated crabs into the wok and try not to stir it too much it will shake off the coating of cornflour. 6. After the crabs are 3/4 cooked, take them out of the wok. 7. With the remaining oil, chuck in the spring onions and ginger and stir fry until the ginger slices are slightly brown at the edges. 8. Add the crabs back in and stir them around, then add in a dash of soy sauce, a dash of rice wine, then dissolve 2 tablespoons of cornflour in about 1/4 cup of water. 9. Pour the cornflour mixture in then add a dash of sesame oil. 10. Cover the wok with a wok cover and turn down the heat. 11. After 5-10 minutes remove the cover, turn the heat back up and quickly stir through again. 12. The dish is now ready to be served!