Spring Macaroni

- tomatoes - onion - long beans - mushrooms - chicken - dried basil leaves - chicken stock - little shell macaroni - garlic - olive oil
Hello everyone! Sorry fer to long absence but now i'm back with my mediocre slew of dishes to tantalise your taste buds YUM YUM! This is a very light stew/soup thing for those spring nights, hearty enough to keep the last bits of winter from your bones, light enough that you don't feel stuffed. Let's begin 1.Slice onions, roughly chop up tomatoes, cut chicken into cube sized pieces, dice garlic, slice mushrooms and cut off ends of long beans. 2.Heat up pan, add olive oil, brown onions then throw in tomatoes, long beans, mushrooms, about a teaspoonful of dried basil, half a cup of stock and leave it to simmer until tomatoes go softer but not till disintegration point. 3.Add in more stock and shovel the macaroni in and wait till macaroni is about 1/2 way cooked then shovel in cubed chicken. 4.As you are cooking taste it often to determine if you need to add salt, pepper or more basil, some chicken stocks are fairly flavourful and you really don't need to add much. Enjoy