Spam Musubi


Makes 4 servings. 

  • 1 can of spam, sliced into 10 pieces
  • ½ cup of teriyaki sauce
  • 4 cups of cooked short grain rice
  • ½ cup of sesame oil
  • 1 tsp table salt
  • 1 packet sushi wrapper
  • 2 tbl oil
  • spam musubi mold

Although I have had Spam Musubi in restaurants countless times, this was my first attempt to actaully make them.  The inspiration came from my friend, who requested them for an upcoming camping trip, and so I thought, why not?


The next day, I ran to the closest Japanese Market and I purchased a Spam Musubi mold.  It was ~$7.95 for the larger kind. I didn't think it was too much.  After you obtain the mold, everything else is a cinche!


In the future, I really would like to add more to this recipe, and perfect it some.  The reason I say this is because I honestly think it needs a little something more then just teriyaki sauce, spam, and rice.  Although I love all three of those ingredients, I still felt something was missing.  I searched various blogs in an attempt to find some variation, or some addition to the recipe, but nothing worthwhile came up. 


But don't worry, I'm sure if you are a spam lover, you will still love this recipe! (Make sure to make your spam slices thick!).


Cooking Directions:

  1. Heat oil and cook spam slices in oil until they have been browned on both sides.  Turn off heat.
  2. Take teriyaki sauce and slowly drizzle and mix well into spam.
  3. On a clean, flat surface, place 1 sushi wrapper.  Place spam musubi mold on top of sushi wrapper.
  4. Slowly scoop hot rice into the mold.  This will be your first layer, so try to put in as thin of a layer of rice as possible.  This allows that smoky taste of the spam to still shine through when you take that first bite.  Sprinkle a little bit of teriyaki sauce on the top of the first layer of rice.
  5. Place 2-3 slices of spam ontop of the rice layer. 
  6. Scoop in the last layer of rice.  Might I suggest adding in a little extra rice? But still, be weary of how much you put in, you don't want to drown out the taste of the spam.
  7. Push the rice and spam out of the mold, and wrap up with seaweed. 
  8. Mix your sesame oil and salt together and whisk thoroughly.  With your fingers, or even a brush, spread a thin layer of sesame oil mix over your seaweed.

There you have it! Ready to enjoy.