Soya Sauce Chicken / 醬雞

- Chicken drumsticks, or chicken legs - Good Chinese soya sauce - Rock Sugar / small lumps - Ginger / Cut to chunks and crush slightly with the side of your knife. - Spring onions / top and tailed. - Water
**This was one of my favourite dishes when I was little. It's full of flavour and a little drizzle of the left over sauce on rice is just amazing!** 1. Place the chicken in a saucepan. The chicken should just cover the base of the sauce pan in one layer, and add the ginger, onion and sugar. 2. Add enough soya sauce so it barely covers the base of the pan, then add some water till about couple of centimetres deep. 3. Place the pan over very low heat and let it cook slowly. Turn the chicken over every 5 - 10 min till cooked, so it picks up the wonderful colour. 4. Serve with some nice stir fried greens, and rice!