Soy Sauce Beef Stewed Pot

- Corn oil or olive oil - 1 or 2 Shallots, fresh or dried - 2-3 pounds of Ground beef - A large pinch of Chinese five spice - 20cc of oyster sauce - ~30cc soy sauce - 1 tlbspn of sugar - salt - splash of rice wine optional: - Fried tofu pouches - 2 or 3 flakes of licorice root - 5-6 peeled hard boiled eggs
1. Put oil in a deep pot and heat on high 2. When hot, add shallots 3. Shortly after, the aroma from shallots will come out. This is when you add the ground beef. 4. Stir fry the ground beef until almost brown. 5. add soy sauce (or to taste) 6. add oyster sauce 7. add chinese 5 spice powder 8. add sugar 9. add salt to taste and cook until flavor seeps into meat. (taste test) 10. add a splash of rice wine 11. cover meat sticking out from liquid with water (should only be very little) 12. optionally add fried tofu pouches 13. optionally add licorice root flakes 14. optionall add 5-6 peeled hard boiled eggs 15. set heat on medium to medium low until stewed to taste.