Softshell Crab Poboy

-1 egg white -a dash pepper -a dash paprika -a dash onion powder -a dash garlic -3/4 cup Bisquick (baking mix)or all purpose -flour with each of 1/4 tsp (baking soda, baking powder, salt ) -a dash baking powder -a lil water until mix sticky but not runny(adonan yang kental) -4 softshell crab -oil to fry -lettuce -tomatoes -lime -green onion(scalion) -mayonaise -any kind of bread or bun
My husband love seafood so much especially softshell crab that we had in new orleans,when i saw they have softshell crab in meijer we just got it, and i make some wet batter, turn out to be preety good, my husband even said it taste better than the one we had in french quarter 1. mixed the batter ingredient until they are wet and sticky not to runny 2. heat the oil 3. dip the crab on the batter and dip fry them until golden brown 4. strain in the cookie rack on top of the cookie sheet 5. shreded the lettuce slice the tomatoes 6. arrange the sandwich on the bun or like a salad