Soft Boiled Eggs & Buttered Soldiers

  • Eggs (1 is definetely not enough)
  • Sourdough bread, thickly sliced
  • Butter
The all time favourite brekkie dish !! 
Quick, simple but taste oh so delicious ...yum yum...
A fail-proof recipe...except when you try to get the eggs soft boiled :P It's a hit and miss for me LOL
  1. Place eggs in a pan filled with cold water ( I won't state how long it will take to reach soft boil, 'coz I never got it rite :P But I would say about 5min after the water boiled ? Pls correct me if I'm wrong).
  2. Meanwhile, toast your bread. Spread butter on the still warm toast (if the butter is cold, just rub it on, they will melt into it).
  3. Cut the buttered toast into blocks to make the soldiers.
  4. Crack the eggs (the yolk should still be quite runny), dip the soldiers, and enjoy !
NOTE : I use Maggi soysauce to eat this (Maggi and eggs are match made in heaven me thinks!), of course you can sprinkle some salt & pepper.