soba noodles and mushrooms in spring onion-ginger dressing

-soba noodles, boiled and cooked according to instructions -some brown and white beech mushrooms, cleaned and blanched -edamame beans -some toasted nori/seaweed -some green onion and minced ginger sauce -more green onions, julienned (option)
1. Toss soba noodles in 1/2tsp of green onion and ginger sauce and mix in some green onions (if you prefer-this is an option). 2. Toss blanched mushrooms in the remaining 1/2tsp of green onion and ginger sauce. Top the noodles with mushrooms. Garnish with cooked edamame beans, and toasted nori/seafood. Serve warm. But if it's slightly cold, it will be alright since soba is traditionally meant to be eaten cold.