Smoked Salmon Snack

1 Whole Wheat Baguette / Crusty bread, Butter, 1/2 tub of Cream Cheese, 1 Garlic clove (grated), Chopped green onions (handful), Slices of smoked salmon, Freshly ground black pepper
1. Slice baguette / crusty bread. 2. Heat some butter in a pan and toast both sides of the bread slices. Set aside.
2. Mix cream cheese, chopped green onions and grated garlic very well.  (Or you could use a ready-made cream cheese to make things easier. Boursin makes a great Garlic-Herb flavored one.)
3. When the bread slices have cooled a little, spread the cream cheese on bread.
4. Top the cream cheese with slices of smoked salmon.
5. Grind some black pepper over the salmon to taste.