Smoked Ribs Waterloo

•2 cups Hickory Wood Chips (500ml) •4 racks baby back ribs (1½ -2 lbs each) Marinade •3 bottles Waterloo dark •2 cups vegetable stock (500ml) •½ cup brown sugar (120g) •¼ cup salt (60g) Barbecue Sauce Wet •4 cups fresh tomatoes, Pureed (1L) •2 cups vegetable stock (500ml) •1 bottle Waterloo dark beer •¾ cups Worcestershire sauce (190ml) •½ cup cider vinegar (125ml) •½ cup olive oil (125ml) •1 medium red onion (240g) •2 tbsp apple, pureed (30g) •2 jalapeño peppers (24g) •4 tsp fresh garlic, minced (20g) •1 tbsp grain mustard (15g) •Splash hot sauce Dry •4 tbsp brown sugar (60g) •2 tbsp oregano (30g) •2 tsp chilli powder (10g) •1 tsp black pepper, cracked (5g) •Salt (to taste) Dry-Rub •2 tbsp paprika (30g) •1 tbsp salt (15g) •1 tbsp sugar (15g) •2 tsp mustard powder (10g) •1 tbsp chilli powder (15g) •1 tbsp ground cumin (15g) •2 tsp ground black pepper (10g) •1 tbsp granul...
1. Using a sharp knife, diamond-score membrane on back of ribs; place in large rib pan. Soak ½ the wood chips in water. 2. Combine marinade; pour over ribs; cover & refrigerate 4-6 hours. 3. To create barbecue sauce: sauté red onion till soft; add jalapeño, garlic & grain mustard and continue to sauté. Add dry ingredients, sauté for under a minute continue stirring; deglaze pan with beer, Worcestershire sauce, apple & tomatoes; simmer for 1 hour. Add remaining ingredients, reduce than remove and let cool. 4. Heat one side of barbecue to 200°F; take ½ wet wood chips and ½ dry chips and place in an foil pouch and poke holes with fork; place on hot side; 5. Mix all dry-rub ingredients. Remove ribs from marinade (keep marinade for later) and press the dry rub into the meat; place on cool side of grill; Leave in for 4 hours; replacing wood chip pouch after 2 hours. Baste every hour with marinade. Once smoked place ribs in foil. 6. Preheat Grill to 300°F; grill ribs for 10-12 minutes per side, basting with barbecue sauce. 7. Serves 4 to 8.