Slow Cooked Duck


This is not the best picture, but I can assure you that this duck was beyond good. My husband and I bought a new slow cooker and for some reason the first thing we could think of to make in it was a whole duck. This also happened to be our 4th of July meal.

* One whole duck * One lemon * Teriyaki sauce * Soy Sauce * Garlic * Cooking wine * Vegetable stock * Cilantro * Some chopped onion
  1. Marinate the duck overnight with the Sauces, garlic, cooking wine, cilantro and lemon. Cut the lemon in two and rub all over the duck. Place both halves in the cavity.
  2. On cooking day, turn the slow cooker on high for one hour. Add some water, stock and chopped onion.
  3. After an hour on high, switch to low and cook for several hours. Flip the duck intermittently. The duck meat will fall off the bone when it is ready.