Slippery Eggs over Rice

- corn oil or olive oil - 3 Tomatoes, diced - 1 Egg - 2 stalks of Scallions, chopped - Salt (or a HINT of soy sauce)
This is something that's easy to make from leftovers in your fridge. This is a Taiwanese dish. 1. Put oil in pan and heat. 2. Put diced tomatoes. 3. Add a teaspoon of salt 4. The salt will actually sweeten the tomatoes. 5. Stew until a liquidy consistency. 6. Add scallions 7. Push tomatoes to one side and crack open an egg. Immediately slide the eggs around the tomatoes for a wispy look. 8. Remove from heat before eggs are completely cooked for the correct consistency 9. The eggs will keep cooking after pan is removed from heat. 10. Put over rice.