Sir Spammalot

- luncheon meat (SPAM WILL NOT WORK. ONLY LUNCHEON MEAT) - cheese that will melt (e.g. kraft slices, cut into 4 quarters) - oil - bunny buns
1. Pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees celsius. 2. Slice the luncheon meat into squares that are the same size as the cheese slices 3. Fry this in a little oil if your pan is not non-stick otherwise do not use oil until the luncheon meat is crispy. 4. Set the luncheon meat aside. 5. Slice the bunny buns in half 6. Place one piece of luncheon meat onto the bottom of the bun. 7. Place a square of cheese on top of the luncheon meat. 8. Place one more piece of luncheon meat on top of the cheese. 9. Place one more piece of cheese on top of the luncheon meat. 10. How high do you want it to go? 11. Keep piling on luncheon meat on top of cheese. 12. Keep piling cheese on top of luncheon meat. 13. When you are satisfied with the height, or have used up all the cheese and luncheon meat, put the bunny buns (without the top half of the bunny bun) onto a tray that can go into the oven. 14. Put the tray into the oven. 15. Leave it there for 7 minutes or until the cheese melts. 16. Put on oven mitts BE CAREFUL THE TRAY IS HOT and take it out. 17. Eat it.