Simple Veggie Quesadilla


-1-2 flour tortilla(s) (depending on whole or half quesadilla)

-1/2 - 2/3 cup of grated cheddar cheese (with cheese I always eyeball it, because everyone likes their own personal amount of cheese)

-1/4 small onion

-1-3 mushroom(s) (depending on how much you like and size)

-1/4 red pepper 

-garlic salt

-fresh ground pepper

-red pepper seasoning


First, cut all of your washed vegetables. I like to cut my veggies in pretty large pieces, but you can cut them smaller. If this is for a child, smaller is probably better.  Place a buttered tortilla on a pan large enough that the tortilla can lay flat. Make sure the heat is on medium-low and place the grated cheddar cheese on top of the tortilla. Next, add some butter to another pan on medium-high heat. Place you onions and red peppers in the pan first, as they take longer to cook. It about 3-5 minutes (depending on how crunchy you like your veggies) add the mushrooms. Here is where you add the garlic slat, pepper, and red pepper seasoning. Add all to taste and your liking. Allow the veggies to cook for another 3-4 minutes, then pour them on to the top of the tortilla with cheese on it. If you are having a half of a tortilla, you are done. Fold the tortilla over, slide it onto you plate and enjoy. If you are having a whole tortilla. Place another buttered tortilla on top of the other one now topped with veggies. Use a spatula to help you flip the tortilla over so the new tortilla is now on the pan. Turn heat up a small amount and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes. Now you can slide it onto a plate and enjoy. :)