Simple, Elegant Dipping Oil

Olive oil - full bodied - the best you can find - Fresh rosemary leaves - Fresh grind black pepper - Homemade crusty bread (or fresh today from your local bakery)
This is a fav for the app-ie course at our house. It's quick, easy and always a hit with guests. 1. Pour the olive oil into a open edged serving dish that has a dipping well. 2. Add rosemary. Macerate some of the leaves with your morter and pestle for more intense flavor and add to oil. 3. Add a sprinkle of pepper to taste. 4. You may prep this an hour before serving to let the oil infuse with the rosemary and pepper. 5.Cut 1/2" thick bread slices or tear small chunks off the loaf. Pile bread around the oil dipping well. 6. Serve Other fresh herbs may be used in place of the rosemary. Experiment until you find a single note or a blend of herbs you enjoy.