Simple Bento Box Lunch

Brown rice
salmon/ tuna or both
soy mayo (wholefoods carries it)
black pepper
nori sheet (for the sushi)
cookies :)

Alright, this is just my way of making stuff it is by no means THE BEST, THE RIGHT or THE ONLY way to make it, that been said let's get started :)

*** sushi ***
ah sushi is easy just need some soft hands, don't force the rice on thin nori sheets be the sushi feel the roll.

cut cucumber + fish into thin long pieces, cook the fish if you don't like them raw.

add some spice with mayo to kick some flavor in.

the process is as simple as you can see, cover sushi mat with plastic wrap and smear rice over it then top with a sheet of nori sheet spread some mayo and add the precut pieces.

Roll it all up and cut into however pieces you want.

that's all it's hard to explain the process of making sushi you just have to try it and find  ways you are comfortable with.

*** Salad ***

now the salad is super easy.

i recently got a chopper :) so dicing and chopping is super fun for me now.

cook couscous then mix with whatever herb or spice you want with it, i like to add goji berry (the red stuff)

alright while that's cooking chop up some cucumber and spinach mix it with lots mayo (soy kind)

when couscous is cold top it over the salad, mix it up before eating, i like it alot!

*** cookie ***
heehee no that's not home made it's ikea's crispy cookie, it's very yummy.