Simmered down Pork

- thinly sliced lean pork - diced tomatoes - chinese dried mushrooms - 2 cloves garlic - half a thinly sliced green onion - soy sauce - sugar - sesame oil
This is a really easy and quick meal to prepare, great with rice or personally I prefer to eat it with porridge/congee. 1. Smash cloves of garlic, thinly slice onions, dice tomatoes and thinly slice pork. 2. Boil some water and drop the dried mushrooms in and wait till you can poke them with a fork. 3. When mushrooms are soft, take them out and cut off the stems, then slice them. 4. Heat up a frying pan, add a little oil and toss in the onions and garlic. 5. When the onion slices go brown, add in the pork with a dash of soy sauce and some sugar. 6. After the pork is almost done, turning light brown but still slightly pink, turn down the heat to the lowest, throw in diced tomatoes and cover the frying pan. 7. In the meantime feel free to cook your rice or congee/porridge. 8. When your pork is cooked through and tomatoes have somewhat almost melted away, add a touch of sesame oil, this is just so that it will smell awesome. 9. Serve on a plate. 10. Garnish then eat yum! p.s : Soy sauce and sugar to taste, some people like more some people like less, I suggest experimenting to see what suits you and also you can add pepper, but it's optional. cheers!