shrimp salad

  • mixed greens, and any other kinds of vege u fancy on ur salad
  • cherry tomatoes
  • croutons
  • lotsa little shrimps, peeled, boiled and chilled
  • black pepper
  • thousand island sauce
  • lemon juice

pile some mixed greens on a plate. top it up with some cherry tomatoes, croutons and shrimps. drizzle with thousand island sauce, crack some black pepper over it and drizzle with lemon juice. then...

mix 'em all up and eat! nom nom nom

sometimes i like to julienne up some fresh lettuce, tear up some chilled crab meat and top up with shrimp, thousand island, lemon juice and black pepper. it's easier to eat with a hand on the bowl, another on the fork. that way i wont get a cherry tomato zooming across the room towards my sister with my eyes glued to the tv screen.